A Better Maryland is a dynamic, evolving plan that provides a framework supporting a thriving economy and environmental stewardship. The Plan advocates for collaboration among state and local governments and all other stakeholders, providing resources and tools for the long-term economic success of Maryland.

Executive Order

On Aug. 19, 2017, Governor Larry Hogan signed Executive Order 01.01.2017.18 directing the creation of a new State Development Plan (Plan). Pursuant to the executive order, the Plan shall contain the following components:

  • Guidelines that articulate the purpose and objectives of the Plan, which will include collaborative strategies essential for modern planning; and
  • A State Planning Digital Resource Center that establishes a transparent and organized collection of State and local plans and related planning resources used to plan and coordinate responsible growth and resource protection.

The executive order further states that the planning strategies shall be organized to serve four goals:

  • Enriching the lives of Marylanders;
  • Using smart growth principles;
  • Growing responsibly; and
  • Protecting Maryland’s resources.

The strategies for growing responsibly and protecting Maryland’s resources should further the following objectives:

  • Support existing communities,
  • Create quality places,
  • Coordinate State investment,
  • Preserve natural resources, and
  • Preserve Maryland’s culture, history and heritage.