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What Is A Better Maryland

Vision Statement

A Better Maryland is a dynamic, evolving plan that provides a framework to support a thriving economy and environmental stewardship. The plan supports collaboration among state and local governments and all other stakeholders, providing resources and tools for the long term economic success of Maryland.

Slide presentation delivered by Planning at all Public Listening Sessions

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The following themes will guide A Better Maryland

  1. Listening: Planning wants to hear from the public, local governments, state agencies and other stakeholders about how A Better Maryland can be a valuable resource at all levels
  2. Identify Local Priorities: The issues and information that should be included in A Better Maryland
  3. Identify Information Needs: The state and local data, resources, and assistance that are needed to achieve local goals

1. Why is Planning doing another state development plan?

  • Governor Hogan recently signed Executive Order 01.01.2017.18, which directs Planning to coordinate with local governments and other stakeholders to prepare a revised State Development Plan that will replace PlanMaryland
  • It has been more than five years since the last State Development Plan was prepared. Since that time economic, physical and social conditions and trends in the state have changed

2. What are the goals and objectives of A Better Maryland?

  • The Executive Order establishes that the planning strategies be organized to serve the following four goals: (1) enrich the lives of Marylanders; (2) use smart growth principles; (3) grow responsibly; and (4) protect Maryland’s resources
  • The Order also establishes the objectives for growing responsibly and protecting Maryland’s resources as: (1) support existing communities; (2) create quality places; (3) coordinate State investment; (4) preserve natural resources; and (5) preserve cultural, historical and heritage resources
  • Additional goals and objectives may be formulated as a result of feedback gathered during the outreach and plan development process

3. When will A Better Maryland be completed?

  • Pursuant to Governor Hogan’s Executive Order says the new plan is to be prepared on or before July 1, 2019

4. Who should be involved?

  • The Smart Growth Subcabinet, the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission, local governments, state agencies, Maryland residents, and others will be encouraged to participate throughout the process

5. How will engagement in this effort benefit participants and their jurisdictions?

  • An opportunity to be heard, to help identify what should be included, and to improve the content and relevance of A Better Maryland

6. How will this effort benefit planning in Maryland?

  • Create a better plan that is relevant to the needs of local government and state agencies and encourage better planning and coordination while growing responsibly and protecting our resources